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Leet Publishing

The term “leet” is derived from the word elite, used as an adjective to describe skill or accomplishment.
The leet lexicon includes spellings of the word as 1337 or leet.

Many brands all under one roof

We write captivaing content for individuals, big & small companies, videos, printed publications, Blogs, and  Apps. We even help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create their entire information architecture.


Blog Articles

We write blog articles that bring your audience back to the pages again and again.

SEO Strategy

SEO extendes beyond the bits and bytes of the online world.  Many claim to understand SEO and yet they fail to create true credibility both on and off the page.


Information architecture

When you know what you want and are now in need of designing technical architecture to support it, look no further than us.  We specialize in On-Premise, Off-Premise, and cloud architecture solutions from virtualization and hyper convergence, to Azure and AWS setup and support.

Content Strategy

We use the strategies cultivated from decades of experience, icons in the hypnotism and mentalist space, we choose words that invoke the feelings of confidence, rapport, and credibility, in your audience.  Move from asking to commanding your clientele and customers to take action now. 

Product Reviews

We teach, train, present, manage, run, scale, and lead your team to excellence.  From the words on the page to the technology that supports your agility, our reviews show we are the industry standard at delivering the right content to the right customer quickly and effectively.

Creative Copywriting

What you meant to say, what you said, what your customer heard, why they thought you meant, how the felt about what they thought you meant.  Get the right message to your audience the first time and inspire a cult-like following that allows you to create amazing returns on your investment with us. 


Active Clients

Written Articles

Cups of Coffee

Make Your Content a Priority.

We certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

When you pair the right content with the right customer you’re bound to win.  How do you do this effectively and to scale?  That’s where we come in.  Isn’t it time you increased your conversion rates.

Reduce Bounce Rate

A site visitor clicks to see your site and then hits the back button.  To get your site to the top of the Google list you need to reduce this behavior immediately. You can accomplish this by allowing us to influence visitors to spend time on your site, gain rapport, invoke and emotional response of familiarity with you, and then become your raging fan.  

Drive More Traffic

Once your website is captivating your audience, it’s time to unleash the masses and bring traffic.  We do this using an organic approach to traffic conversion that tells the Big Data Search engine that they brough the visitor to the right site. Let us show you how this powerful approach will change your marketing game now and into the future.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

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